Relicensing Long Tail

Long tail of individuals and corporations without a relicensing agreement yet

The LLVM relicensing effort is currently at the stage where we collect agreements from individuals and corporations owning the copyright of contributions before 19th of January 2019.

We already have agreements in place for the far majority of contributions. We still have a long tail of both individuals and corporations we’d like to get agreements from.

The list of individuals and corporations we’d still like to get agreements from is regularly updated in a spreadsheet. Please have a look to see if you know any of them and could help with reaching out to them, asking them to agree with relicensing the contributions they own the copyright on.


When reaching out to an individual, please ask them to complete this web form. Part of that form will prompt them with a DocuSign agreement that they can sign online to cover anything they personally contributed. The web form will also collect any companies or academic institutions that may own rights to some of their contributions so that we can cover them with the corporate agreement below. If for any reason they cannot sign the DocuSign agreement, we also accept an email sent to in which they explicitly agree to offer their past contributions to LLVM under the Apache 2.0 WITH LLVM exception license.

We do ask that individuals generally sign the individual agreement even if they think their contributions are covered by a corporate agreement.


When you do reach out to a corporation, please do let us know at Corporations can sign the agreement to relicense their contributions to LLVM under the new license with DocuSign. This is our preferred mechanism for collecting signatures.

One way to explain briefly what we’re asking for to people at corporations who may not have heard about the LLVM relicensing project yet is as follows:

The LLVM project is deep into a multi-year long project to improve their source code licensing model, moving from a MIT+BSD-like (“UIUC”) license to an Apache 2 license. The new license went into effect in Jan 2019, and the project is looking to get permission from contributors to move their pre-2019 contributions to the new licensing model (more info here: ). Our newer contributions have all been covered under the new license approach.

Can we/you sign the docusign form at to give this permission?

If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, please contact us at